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Steph Curry Learning How To Type At The Age Of 32 Is Such a Flex

The coronavirus quarantine has caused us to really challenge ourselves in these times of immense boredom. I imagine some of us are taking up new instruments, some are learning new languages, etc. Steph Curry has decided to learn how to type words on a computer. He's taken down opponents like LeBron James, James Harden, and Chris Paul in his career, but none have prepared him for his toughest opponent yet: Type To Learn.  

There's a lot of ways for the rich and famous to flex on us these days. Rafa Nadal wore a $725,000 watch when he won the 2009 US Open. Drake had his own private jet Air Drake do multiple fly overs during the Raptors Championship parade. Dana White just bought a fucking private island to try and have the UFC during corona. I think Steph Curry learning how to type at 32 is just as good. 

Something so simple and common place in most, if not all of our daily lives has been a complete mystery for Wardell. Why wouldn't it be? What has Steph Curry ever had to type something for? If he answers an email or text it's on his phone. He's not writing papers or anything long-form. And don't start asking what Curry did in his time at Davidson. You think a guy like Steph was writing essays in school? Not a chance my friend. Dude was leading DAVIDSON to the Elite 8 against Kansas. If you assigned this man a paper during college you were likely framed for murder the next day. 

All these years Steph has seen these long form articles written about him and wondered how many days it took to type that all out. Curry's been working at 5 words per minute pace for the last three decades completely perplexed at the wizardry of keyboarding. First Monta Ellis, now Steph. 

I can say right now without a shadow of a doubt that I am better than Steph Curry at something in the world. I just wrote that whole sentence without looking at the keyboard. Steph would still be on "without" if we were having a race a good old fashioned typing duel. Fuck you Steph, you'll get to this sentence in 5 minutes if you're lucky! 

Based on the test I just took I'm cooking at about 61 WPMs (words per minute for those scoring at home). Now flash forward a week from now where will Steph be in the typing game? Given there's nothing to do in this world and he's Steph Curry I assume he'll be one of the world's most efficient and fastest typists. I don't care for any of that right now and am focusing on the facts at end. I am better than Steph Curry at something in this world.