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Quarantine Day ????: Lamar Jackson And Donald Trump Have Twitter Interaction

Today was supposed to be the start of the NBA playoffs. We'd already be in the middle of the NHL playoffs and the MLB would be in full swing. Life would've been great. Instead, the sports world was captivated by a couple of tweets. That was our excitement for the day.

It started with a simple quote tweet of a 2-year-old video:

I'm not exactly sure why, but Trump decided to quote tweet Lamar Jackson's tweet:

Never knew Trump was a fan of Lamar. 

I wonder if Trump has ever heard the word "brodie" used before. I know he definitely hasn't heard the phrase "truzz:"

Would have loved to see the conversation that informed Trump what "Truzz" translates too. 

As most situations surrounding Trump, this caused a little bit of a stir on Twitter. I'm sure Lamar's phone blew up after he hit send on the "Truzz Trump" tweet. Rumor has it that both Bosa brothers started a group chat with Lamar titled "MAGA."

Would've loved to see Trump respond "Big truss, Lamar." It would've broken the internet. Whoever looks over his social media really missed out on a golden opportunity.

What a timeline we are currently living in.