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April 18th Workout: I Lifted Weights On A Saturday But I'm Not A Hardo

April 6th Weigh-In: 331lbs

April 18th Weigh-In: 314 lbs

I'm not gonna ramble on some motivational shit like I have been. All I'm gonna say is have a great Saturday. It's a gorgeous day, but take 30-60 minutes and put some work in that's all it is. With this quarantine shit going on I know all you mother fuckers have at least 30 minutes. Get outside and go for a walk or jog, lift some weights, do something active. When you're done you'll feel a zillion times better and enjoy the day even that much more. I love you all. Lets go. Here's todays workout:

10 Reverse Curls x3

10 Overhead Tricep Extensions x3

10 Alternating Hammer Curls (each arm) x3

10 Shoulder Rolls x3

10 Upright Rows x3

10 Deltoid Raises x3

10 Alternating Bicep Curls (each arm) x3

10 Dead Lifts x3

10 Forward Raises x3

30 Minute Power Walk