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Barstool’s Monthly Poker Tournament Is Next Wednesday Night (100 Buy In)




Our 2nd Barstool poker tournament of the year is next Wednesday night the 18th. At my request we’ve upped the ante. None of this $20 dollar buy ins for you poor folk. 100 dollar ante.  Minimum $3,000 dollar guaranteed prize pool.  This is what I’m talking about. Business trip. And per usual I’ll offer a $100 bounty to whoever knocks me out.

PS – Last tournament by the way I pretty much dominated. I was pushing guys all over the ring all game long. Just talking shit and stuffing my chips down people’s throats million dollar man style. So how did I lose? Well I lost on pocket AA’s like twice to cripple my chip stack. Hey that’s poker and that’s life. That’s the only way to beat me. Smitty just sitting there with his ass clenched so tight hoping for a miracle.

Also I hear former Devil Ken Daneyko is playing in this thing and he fancies himself some sort of poker hotshot.  Welcome to the torture chamber bro.  You haven’t seen the likes of me before.

And for all you really super poor fools we’re doing 2 freerolls on the Monday and Tuesday before the tournament.  These are free to enter.  The winner gets a free entry into the $100 buy in tournament.  These freerolls are password protected and are scheduled for 8PM on 3/16 & 3/17.

Password: beatdave

The $3K GTD, $100 Buy-in is scheduled for 8PM on 3/18 no password.

If you haven’t signed up for Party Poker yet here is the link.   We’re doing tournaments every month and the prizes are gonna get bigger and better so sign up now