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There Is A Reason Why Kevin Hayes Is The Best Player In The NHL And He Signed A 50 Million Dollar Contract Where?

I had a lot of beef with Philly this week as Gritty is trying to talk shit and I am putting him to sleep. As all of this is going on I called out Kevin Hayes that I am the best athlete during this quarantine and honestly who can tell me I am wrong? These trick shots aren't luck it may take more skill then hitting a 97mph fastball on the black. So last night I hopped on IG live with Hayes and when he said he is warming up and starts thinking about where do words come from. Thats when I realized I was talking to myself because I think of that shit every single day. That is the exact reason he was having an unreal yer because he didn't have the time to think about what people didn't like about his game, when you have brains like this things work out. 

The best part about our conversation was that the man loves a good Karaoke bar. The one time I have been out with him we ended u at one for 3 hours and he sang almost every song. No musician can sing that long and this bastard had the mic in his hand almost the entire time. It was a delight but it only makes sense when you get the biggest contract of your life is to sign it in a Karaoke bar. 

What is better than that, have all of your family and friends to be there for that moment and a great song choice as well. After talking with him for 20 minutes we would be a problem on a podcast. Hit the topics of how a bumble bee can reach the top of mount Everest and I just can't believe the cookie monsters real name is sid. Shout out to the legend Kevin Hayes for hopping on IG live with me, wild 20 minutes. 

(April 18th is a very handsome mans birthday)