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Jayson Tatum Tries To Tell Bradley Beal Duke Would Never Pay Players And Beal Immediately Calls Bullshit

And just like that Bradley Beal is skyrocketing up my favorite player list. I don't think it's a secret that Duke may or may not have paid players. I'm pretty sure every school (outside of Kentucky of course) would pay someone like Jayson Tatum to go there. Why? Because college sports is about winning games. Let's not pretend like K has some clean track record either. Remember all it took was a jeweler deciding not to talk from a potential major investigation into their 2010 national title team. And let's not pretend that Duke decided all of a sudden to land guys like Zion, RJ Barrett, Tatum, Kyrie and the countless others of one-and-dones after K had no desire to be a one-and-done program. 

Here's the thing. I don't give a shit about players getting money to play college hoops. I encourage it actually. Get paid when you can. If someone is going to give you damn near half a million dollars to play college hoops and it might cost some vacated wins, a banner going down and probation when you're not there, why wouldn't you? That's why this G League thing is intriguing because someone like Jalen Green is getting $500,000. Now there aren't a lot of Jalen Green's, but Tatum is someone like that. 

I just love how honest Beal is: 

We need more people like Bradley Beal talking about college hoops. I've always said it. Give him a mic and bring up Duke, let him start talking. Content only then. 

This was also on an Instagram Live. This has been the best thing the NBA has done during quarantine. Fuck that HORSE Tournament, just letting these guys shoot the shit and see what comes out.