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There Is A New College Jeopardy Champion And His Name Is Nibir, The King Of Swagger

Out of all the ways to ascend to your throne, I can't imagine a cockier way to do it than by asking Alex Trebek who da man is, answering "You da man Alex", throwing 2020 Jeopardy dollars in the garbage because that's what year it is, and then walking to accept your trophy in white pants before Memorial Day. Bend the knee to King Nibir, everyone!

I hate to admit that King Nibir caught me off guard, but my Jeopardy viewing has plummeted ever since the quarantine completely fucked up my schedule. But if I had known he was throwing big bets and bigger balls around like Big Brain James, I would have joined the Nibir Hive earlier in the week.

Not to mention his intro flexing.

Looking like Scar from the Lion King with his sarcastic clap that is the epitome of Minnesota Nice

And absolutely OBLITERATING the field.

I don't know what the rules are for college champs to return to Jeopardy. But I feel like we just witnessed the arrival of a future superstar, like Barry Sanders running wild in college. I don't know when schools are going to open back up. But something tells me King Nibir is going to be the big man at Minny when it does happen.

All hail King Nibir!