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If The Bears Pass On Cole Kmet So Help Me God I Will Complain So Much Online

Big news. Trey Burton is officially out and officially a bust in Chicago. The Bears need an upgrade at TE and I am not talking about Jimmy Graham. They need a guy who can play on every down instead of guy like Burton who straight up never played any down. A guy who will block. A guy who can line up outside or at the end of the line. That is Cole Kmet. He can do everything you want from a TE and a he's 6'6 260lbs with a 37inch vert and 4.7 40. The boy can flat out play some football and if Ryan Pace gets cute when it's time to fix big needs at the draft and passes on a guy like Kmet in the 2nd I will be forced to do nothing but complain on the internet. I am pre-mad. Nothing has happened and I am pissed because that is how I've been conditioned by this team. I started to write this blog earlier in the week

And I talked myself out of it. I got mad at a mock draft. A mock draft by a MORON who had Kmet going in the 3rd round. Kmet is more likely to go in the first than the third, but I got very triggered by that mock draft because he was sitting there for the Bears with both of their picks in the 2nd round and didn't take him. Again, it's a mock draft. It's nonsense. It's saying something fake, but it's also something that could be very very VERY real. Kmet will come in and be an upgrade over everyone on day one of the season. That is a fact. And if Pace passes on him and the Bears start the season with Graham and practice squad guys then so help me god...complaints will rain down from the internet. Most NFL ready TE in the draft. Cole Kmet. Do it.