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Whoa: Bears Cut Trey Burton

Huge news out of Halas Hall on a Friday night.

I'm honestly very surprised by this. Burton was absolute luggage last year, but he was mostly hurt. He also is due a good chunk of change and we really don't have another tight end that does what he does on the roster so that makes it doubly surprising. At the end of the day though things seem like they've never been the same ever since he missed the playoff game vs the Eagles. It's an absolute shame because we sorely need a tight end and I'll never forget how good he looked that preseason/at points during the season in 2018.

Crazy how quick you can become a bust. Legitimately only took one year for him to fade this far.

We're onto Jimmy Graham, JP Holtz, Ben Braunecker, and others* I guess.

*God, we're fucked at tight end.