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Puddle of Mudd Is BACK And Dominating This "About A Girl" Nirvana Cover

Before I post this video, just be warned, you'll never want to hear the Nirvana version again. It's just that good. And thank goodness. Because for a while, the Puddle of Mudd guy was going down a dark path. I think I blogged about him going to jail monthly for a year. DUIs, drugs, stealing shit, he couldn't stay clean. They were playing basement bars in small towns in Idaho, storming out early,

needless to say, times were tough. But Wes and the boys are officially back. And they still got it. Boy do they still got it. Listen in and listen good, because your life is about to change forever:

Simply sensational. 

For some reason the fans weren't too happy with it. Rude!

I also love how SiriusXM unlisted the video. Just for our special eyes and ears only, which I appreciate.

Haters gonna hate.