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QB Wonderlic Scores Have Been Leaked! Tua Did Not Test Well!

My favorite day of the year! Wonderlic scores day! Time to speculate on the intelligence of the top QB prospects of the 2020 draft!

Nate Stanley comes in with a 40/50. Big win for Iowa. The highest score by a QB ever is a 48, by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Greg McElroy. 

It's a shame Tua Tagovailoa could not have McElroy take the test for him because a 13/50 is not a great look. The lowest score by a QB ever is a 6 by Vince Young. Lamar Jackson did score a 13 two years ago. Tua can just say he isn't a big test taker. That's what all the kids who did bad on the SAT & ACT in high school said. "I'm just not a good test taker." Or maybe you're just dumb.

I'm not sure if all the Wonderlic scores have been released. The lowest score ever is a 4 by Morris Claiborne. Will keep an eye out to see who ends up with the lowest score in the 2020 class.


This is a tough look for Jerry Jeudy. Scoring below a 10 is defined as "possibly illiterate."