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Adam Amin Conducted a Zoom Call to Check In On All the College Dog Mascots

This is just wholesome content. Adam Amin is one of the best in the business and with everyone currently focused on all the crazy stuff happening in the world right now, it seems we have forgotten about some of our most beloved good boys and girls in collegiate athletics.

These poor pups have just been sitting around for over a month with no games to go to and no people to cheer up. Thankfully, Adam got everyone on a call so we could see that they're all doing just fine. I would now like to take this opportunity to give you my top three dogs from this Zoom call.

1. Smokey X: This was a given. The best in the biz, plain and simple.

2. Butler Blue IV: Just a great looking dog. I am not a bulldog guy, but Blue 

3. Dubs: Can never go wrong with a husky. Definitely on the Mt. Rushmore of dogs.

The only dog I actively dislike is Bully XXI, because everyone knows Mississippi State is a school deserving of no praise or affirmation and I will be damned if a dog changes any of that.

This is great quarantine content. Hopefully these good dogs get through this period without sports and we see them back out on the field very soon .