I Couldn't Help But Notice That OHIO Is Not Mentioned On The Mount Flushmore of Worst States

A lottttttt of uneducated people have chimed in on my blogs over the past two years about how shitty the state of Ohio is, but when push finally comes to shove, I see no mention of it on Mount Flushmore?

Lemme do some math real quick. There's 50 states......they named the worst 12.....

OHIO IS A TOP 38 STATE!!! Put it in the books. It is now official, no matter how many whiners and criers there may be (of which there are many).....

Sheeesh. Why are you so obsessed with us? And in reality, you're all wrong. If you really get down to the brass tacks of the issue, I think Ohio would have strong consideration to be on the true MOUNT RUSHMORE of states. Now before you just immediately shoot that notion down, please try and name 4 better. I'll wait....

See, you can't. I mean, there's no way to find 4 states with better resumes than this:

1. The Cleveland Clinc (top cardiology unit in the country and #2 ranked hospital overall --- the Cleveland Clinic will solve Coronavirus....just watch)

2.  THE Ohio State Buckeyes -- the clear pound for pound best acadmic/athletic/party combo school in the world

3. The hands down most important Battleground State in elections (Sent the last 8 presidents to the White House....just let us decide and save the rest of the country the time, money, and headaches)

4. The most diehard sports fans in the country reside in Cleveland (the Browns haven't made the playoffs in like 500 years)

5. Hardworking, down to earth people that are not too full of themselves

6. You get all 4 seasons -- how do you appreciate the sun without the rain? How do you enjoy Christmas without snow? How do enjoy the Fall without leaves changing colors?

7. Pro Football Hall of Fame AND the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

8. Low cost of living (big state benefits with small state pricing)

9. Amusement Parks (two of the top ten rated in the country)

10. LeBron James was created here

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on........

Thank you to Big Cat, Hank, and PFT for finally setting the record straight today. Ohio doesn't suck.