The Princess Of Sweden Has Joined Healthcare Workers To Fight Coronavirus And...Sidenote, She's A ROCKET

(vogue)--On Instagram, the royal announced that, after undergoing training, she is now a medical assistant at Sophiahemmet hospital. She posted a picture of her navy blue scrubs, and her new nametag, with “Sofia” printed in all capital letters.

Really cool to see everyone stepping up, even European Royals. Getting gloves and scrubs on and helping her people. Now, I am actually her people. I am of Swedish decent. I take great pride in Swedish heritage once every four years once America gets knocked out of the Olympics. They're a great #2. Having said that...I have NEVER heard of Princess Sofia. News to me and now I am completely in love. Looks just how you'd want your Swedish Royalty to look. 

She's like a Kate Middleton and Melania Trump hybrid. She also looks like she would absolutely hate my guts. Like she'd spit in my face if I ever dared talk to her. No, eheck that. She'd have a servant girl spit in my face who would also be disgusted by my presence.. And that...that seriously does things for me. Again, credit to her for getting involved and taking real action help those in need. Heart of gold. Now that I know she exists she is FLYING up my royal power rankings.