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Another #Pickem? Don't Mind If I Do!

You thought I stopped picking things for $15? Fuck you. I won't. 

Ground Rules

1. This doesn't say if this is for the one drive, one game, this upcoming season, the next three seasons, the next five, etc? I'm going to pick this as if I'm trying to win a Super Bowl this upcoming season.

2. I promise I will spend all $15 of my hypothetical dollars. Today, tomorrow and forever. 

3. I'm picking a running back because I'm legally required to do so, per the graphic above. My hands are tied.

QB Patrick Mahomes $5 (Remaining: $10)

The answer is Mahomes. It's always Mahomes. If he's $15 and he's blocking for himself, handing the ball to himself and also catching passes that he has to throw himself? I'm still going Mahomes. I have an inkling there's a position I can save money at a little later. 

RB Derrick Henry $3 (Remaining: $7)

Surprise! Three times as much as either of us thought I'd pay for one of those things but here we are. Henry dragged a team to the final four with Ryan Tannehill as his quarterback. We saw what he did in college with Jake Coker handing him the pill. Let's see how he fares with Patty Mahomes.

WR 1 Jerry Jeudy $1 (Remaining: $6)

If rookies are going to come into the league and start having the immediate impact that guys lately have (Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf, AJ Brown, Terry McLaurin from this year. DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley, Courtland Sutton from 2018.) then I'm fine with going Jeudy here. I can't remember where I heard it, but someone said he's 2020 Chad Johnson and I like that comparison.

WR 2 Cee-Dee Lamb $1 (Remaining: $5)

I'm doubling up on rookie receivers. I like these guys that much for the value here. I read that Cee-Dee is Deandre Hopkins 2.0 and maybe I'd like to have Patrick Mahomes throw to Chad 85 and Nuk. Who's getting the single coverage here? 

TE George Kittle $5 (Remaining: $0)

Going with Kittle here, even though just keeping Mahomes-Kelce together is appealing. He's not the route runner that Kelce is but per the above, I have Chad and Deandre. The routes are just fine. I'll take his elite blocking and run after the catch skills. Can't wait to see him lead block the way for a 62-yard Derrick Henry touchdown run and then run over seven defensive backs on the next possession. Feeling good about my team.


Who you got?