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It's a Modern Day Miracle That Tommy Kahnle Is Still Alive After His Red Bull/Coffee Superstition

Baseball is a game of superstition. Players avoid touching the foul lines when they walk on and off the field. They'll eat certain meals on days they play. They'll pee on their hands for good luck. They don't talk to pitchers during no hitters/perfect games. The rally cap. If you play baseball, odds are you do one of these weird, unexplainable things for no reason other than holding out for some dumb luck. I'd say most of them are just fun and family friendly, but then there's Tommy Kahnle. 

Last year it came out that Yankees relief pitcher Tommy Kahnle had this crazy Red Bull kick that he couldn't escape. Dude was drinking upwards of SIX (6) Red Bulls and two coffees a day. Now I'm all about getting a little pick me up here and there, but that's enough caffeine to make a large mammal's heart stop. 

Kahnle was doing this every single day and it had nothing to do with him liking Red Bull or coffee. The origin of the "addiction" was just him pitching well one time. With baseball being a huge game of superstition he felt it was his obligation to keep drinking them. It started with 3 a day. Flash forward a few years to 2017 and he was downing SIX RED BULLS A DAY WITH TWO COFFEES.  HOW?!?

The fact this was just for good luck is astonishing. I thought he had some serious caffeine addiction of some sorts. Nope, just a superstition. Dude was out there in 2017 mowing down guys in October with more Red Bull in him than blood. 

It's honestly a modern day miracle his heart didn't explode. The only reasonable scientific explanation that he's still alive is that Kahnle is a superhero of some sorts and has unlimited health. Thankfully after a down year in 2018 he changed up his diet drastically and is now down to one Red Bull a day. Thank God. 

We must protect Thomas Robert Kahnle at all costs, especially when he's using the Sock Man in MLB the Show. Tommy went 3-1 last night in the league!

If you want to listen to the rest of the incredible Kahnle interview click below!



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