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If You're 18 Years Old And The IRS Deposits $5 Million Into Your Bank Account, Are You Calling To Report It?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — When 18-year-old Melik Pointer checked his bank-account balance, he was staggered.

After making a withdrawal at an ATM, he saw something he wasn’t expecting ... a balance of $4,999,285.52. It was because of a mistaken deposit by the IRS as part of the stimulus payments.


Or withdraw as much money as you can. Go from ATM to ATM to bank to bank. Cash App all your friends. Go buy whatever you can with your debit card. TV, Xbox, food, whatever. Anything that is open, raid the place. Turn that fugazi number on that receipt into as much cold hard cash as you possibly can. But whatever you do, please do NOT call your bank. 

This is not the same situation as the old man who found $8.2 million in his bank account the other day. You're 18 years old. Everyone thinks you're young and it wisely! Please do NOT call you bank.

Pointer says it briefly crossed his mind to let the mistake slide and start spending, but he knew it could lead to plenty of trouble down the road, so he notified the bank.

You have got to be kidding me. Live a little...

Look, if 18 year old Tate had $5,000,000 accidentally deposited into his bank account, there's no question that he'd be following the age old adage of "Finders Keepers". Probably would've gotten it tattooed across his shoulder blades. Right under the "The Chosen One" mimicking LeBron, except with a $ instead of the S. Because that's exactly what's going on here.....getting $5 million deposited into bank account is not an accident; it's an act of God. This kid was the chosen one and pissed it away by being a scared little tattle tale. I'm ashamed he's from Columbus, Ohio. We've got our finest men at Ohio State throwing loads of dirty money around to secure the #1 recruiting class of all time right now, and this kid is right down the road trying to do the admirable thing? Trying to be all righteous and virtuous?

Look buddy, you're going to work the next 50 years of your life in some boring ass office building in central Ohio, and like the rest of us, you'll never even sniff $1 million, let alone 5. This was your one chance to live the life you've always wanted but never deserved. And you pissed it away. 

And I'd imagine I'm completely wrong here and they'd find him within a couple days anyways. But what's the harm in letting them do their job? That's what they get paid to do! It's like when the teacher gives you credit for an incorrect answer on a's not your duty to go turn yourself in. It's your lucky day! Plus, I honestly don't know what happens if you don't call your bank and tell them. Do they find out if you don't ever tell ANYBODY? Like if just live a bit outside your means, never flaunt it, and never worry about money again, does anyone notice?

**This dude's sitting here giving back 5 million and I'm still sitting here waiting for my $1,200. I just need to catch a break one time