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Must Watch: Alvin Kamara Is An Absolute Freak Of An Athlete

I've watched this video maybe 20 times now trying to comprehend how he manages to stay up, and the only thing I can come up with is that Alvin Kamara is a freak of an athlete/human being. 

If you've ever used a Bosu ball to do squats or any other exercise, you know how insanely difficult it is to stay balanced while maintaining proper posture, and that's with your feet permanently planted on the ball. Bouncing back and forth on one foot and not eating shit? Well, that's just silly. 

And nerve-racking. I'm basically holding my breath with every jump, hoping he doesn't roll his ankle or worse. But I guess that's only because I'm not a physically superior being with superhero balance like Kamara. I mean, here is on a balance board slamming balls down like it's nothing alongside Mark Ingram who is also gettin' it. 

Best buddies that train together, stay together. I wonder if these two were doing these workouts during their first magical year season as a duo. Maybe that's what got them each to 1,000 yards? 

Their physical therapist, Dr. Reef, does appear to be some sort of muscle whisperer with unique/mesmerizing training methods. I mean, take a look at this Larry Ogunjobi drill and tell me it doesn't look ridiculously tough, but also kind of fun. 

Kinda makes you want to try it out for yourself, doesn't it? Consider it a little Friday inspiration to not be a total fatass this weekend. 

Who knows, maybe you'll come out of this quarantine just as skilled as these guys. Prob not, but that shouldn't stop you from trying. Right, Geno?