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Landlords Are Allegedly Asking for Sex in Lieu of Rent During the Covid Shutdown

Source - Countless Americans are experiencing financial hardships after losing their income because of the coronavirus pandemic. According to data from the National Multifamily Housing Council, nearly a third of U.S. renters were unable to pay their landlords within the first five days of April, putting many of them at risk of eviction. And it appears some landlords are taking advantage of this vulnerability.

According to BuzzFeed News, a number of groups and organizations have reported an increase in sexual harassment claims against alleged predatory landlords. The outlet points to a case in which female tenant reached out to her landlord in attempt to postpone her rent until she receives an income. Her landlord allegedly "replied by telling her she could come over and spoon him instead."

There was also a case where a woman claims she contacted a prospective landlord to inquire about affordable housing options. The woman said she received a dick pic as a response. ...

Opening Communities, a nonprofit legal aid and fair housing agency in Chicago, has also received a spike in housing-related sexual harassment complaints during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I'm not saying the pandemic invented landlords asking for sex in exchange for rent, because unfortunately it's been around a long time.

What I am saying is that it's appalling. And anyone who tries to force a tenant into spooning or looking at a dick pic during a time of economic crisis like this is the worst kind of person and belongs in the seventh circle of hell alongside the coronavirus scammers and the dickwads who bought up all the hand sanitizer and hoped to sell it at a huge markup. It's unconscionable for anyone to demand sex in exchange for rent anytime, but especially in a moment like this where people are at their most vulnerable. 

That said, I'm not against a tenant offering it. I mean, this is dystopian nightmare is still America. Goods and services can still be bartered freely. Consenting adults can do what they want with their bodies and transact business if they so choose. I haven't seen the guy who approved our mortgage in a while, but if I thought he'd be willing to waive a couple of payments or lower my interest rate in exchange for some spooning or me looking at a picture of his pork sword, I'm not saying I would. But I wouldn't rule it out either, because the savings might be worth it. The point being that it's the request that is the crime. If I offer it to him, I think that's a different story. 

It's really all comes down to the power dynamic. For instance, I lived in an apartment for one year of my life, in North Cambridge, MA. And the landlady was a nasty, disagreeable sort with the hearing or a timberwolf who lived below us and screamed about the noise any time I walked across the floor in sneakers. If I thought for one second I could've gotten her to lighten up by giving her the Roy Munson treatment, I might have at least considered offering it. 

I just think people should have the right to offer, if that's in their best interest. And judging by at least a majority of the videos on your adult sites, sex between people in real estate transactions seems to be our new national obsession. So apparently a lot of people are into the idea. But if the landlord suggests it, he/she should be sued and then locked up. I think that's pretty straightforward.