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Pitbull aka Mr. 305 aka Mr. Worldwide Just Beat The Fuck Out Of Coronavirus With His New Song

(HuffPo) -- Pitbull has released a new song aimed at raising money for and awareness of relief efforts around the globe combatting the coronavirus pandemic. He’s calling “I Believe That We Will Win” a “world anthem.” “You know what spreads faster than any virus? Is fear / And when it comes to fear, you can either forget everything and run, or you can face everything and rise / Let me tell you what I believe / I believe we will face everything and rise,” the 39-year-old raps in the lyrics. The refrain in the chorus is an emphatic, “I believe that we will win!” Last month, the self-proclaimed Mr. Worldwide announced he’d be releasing a song with proceeds going to “various charities around the world.” Additionally, he implored “students, medical workers, first responders, parents, grandparents” and others to submit a video of themselves singing the lyrics and doing specific choreography.

Pitbull gets clowned a fair amount but I fuckin love the guy and this song is a certified heater. Take America's best chant from the World Cup (that's the international soccer tournament that we didn't qualify for last time) and add Pitbull and coronavirus might as well pack up. I'm dead serious, not trying to be funny at all, I feel a lot better about this whole situation now. This is the cure. I swear to god I've been having a down day and now I'm so jacked up I could fist fight COVID-19 right this second. Stop being afraid, that spreads faster than any virus. Smarten up John, you idiot, you fool. Corona is done. I'm sure the scientists have some t's to cross and i's to dot when it comes to eradicating this worldwide pandemic, but as far as it's concerned for society this thing is a wrap. What's next? Doesn't matter because 

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PS - I'm dead serious about Pitbull. It's hard to talk about him earnestly because people will think you're being sarcastic, but everything in this blog is 100% true. I love Pitbull. I think he's the man. And this song got me jacked up to beat coronavirus.