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The General, White Sox Dave, and I Are Hitting The Gunfight Tournaments Until We Win So See You In A Few Weeks

As much as I wanna fight Smitty during warzone, we (try to) drop the anger when we enter the world of gunfight tournaments. It's a simple battle 3v3 of 4 rounds  against legitimate opponents with only 1 winner being crowned at the end. We battled for hours yesterday with no victory in sight, so today we're bringing in the big guns and by the big guns I mean White Sox Dave who's no COD prodigy himself. So I'm lowering this from the big guns to your everyday, run-in-the-mill, average guns. 

Despite all that I am ready to get a W. I finally have an ethernet cable in my basement domain which means my play is going to increase tenfold. LOOK OUT PEOPLE.