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A Bengals Front Office Member Showed Their Virtual Draft Room Highlighted By The Big Brother Camera The NFL Installed

Oh hell yeah, let's get some drama here. The NFL out here putting in Big Brother camera so they can make sure no one else is joining the room. I need, I NEED someone to try and cheat now. Get that quite literally on camera like we're all watching the scene in American Pie. 

I know everyone not from Boston will make the Patriots joke here. But I'm above that - mostly because it's completely overplayed and not funny anymore. I need someone like the Vikings to do this. They already have draft fuck up history and there's a zero percent chance Mike Zimmer knows how to work a computer. That would be by far the funniest combo to see happen again. 

That thing couldn't look creepier either. Just the solo camera, I'm shocked there's not a black couch in the corner. Imagine being the person assigned to each team to watch too. That's gotta be a top-1 boring job in the world. Let me just sit here and make sure no one else walks in the room here. 

The only way this job isn't boring is if you're assigned to the Chiefs. I'd 100% be interested in seeing what Andy Reid eats during the course of a day. There's also a decent chance he'd just start shooting the shit with the camera to have someone to talk to while wearing a Hawaiian shirt. 

I can't wait to see how much of a shit show this virtual draft is. I'm way more entertained with that than being pissed off when the Giants somehow pass on Isaiah Simmons.