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You Can Watch All 16.5 Of Chase Young's Sacks From Last Season On Replay For A Week And Never Get Tired Of It

My heavens. Just so quick, so explosive. No wonder Clemson planned their entire scheme around blocking him...and that still barely worked. Don't forget in that Clemson game where he was double or triple teamed on every play he still had 10 QB hurries and 4 hits. In fact, I find that tape more outrageous and fun to watch than the actual sacks because watching him avoid double teams and get to the quarterback is pure magic. 

I think it's clear that Chase Young is the only option at #2. No amount of picks sent this way in a trade could change my mind. He is so dynamic, so game-changing. With the rest of the Skins line this is a scary, scary team now. 

When football is back, Chase will be ready. I'm predicting double digit sacks his rookie season. I think a fair o/u will be 8.5 and I'm taking the over. I can't wait to watch him in the league. Oh and if he's double teamed? Well, we have 6'6, 250 pound Montez Sweat coming off the other edge. Pray for the NFC East. Dak should get out while he is still alive.