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10 Years Ago Yesterday A Dynasty Was Launched, Here Is Every Goal Of The 2010 Stanley Cup Run

All we have right now is replays and THANK THE LORD we have been unbelievably blessed. What are they showing in places like Nashville and Vancouver right now? What sports replays does Minnesota have? That one time they pushed the Hawks to 6 games instead of getting swept? We have no sports and still an embarrassment of riches.

Yesterday marked 10 years since Game 1 of the 2010 playoffs. An incredible run with memories that have been permanently seared into my brain. Kane and Hossa goals to comeback against Nashville. Toews, Buff, and Kane dominating the Canucks. Byfuglien demolishing Pronger and the Kane Cup clincher. There was nothing better than being a Hawks fan from 2009 to 2015. All three Cups were great, but you never forget your first. Maybe I will change my mind as the replays roll on and NBC starts showing the other Cup teams, but I think the 2010 will always be my favorite. So much swagger. They could play anyway you wanted. You want to go up and down and make it a shootout? Fine, the Hawks will win 6-5. You want to play a lockdown, slug it out, hard checking game? Cool, if the Hawks get two great chances then they'll win 2-1. You want to make it into a physical brawl? Great...Eager, Ladd, Buff, and Burish will throw your ass into the stands. The team was basically perfect. From a pure talent stand point I'd put that team up against anyone in the salary cap era. One of the greatest teams ever and if there wasn't a Cap who knows how many that team wins. My guess is around 5. Oh and it produced my favorite GIF of the dynasty.