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Northern Illinois Head Coach Gets Fooled By Offer To QB From NCAA Football 14

The #1 guy in the NCAA Football 14 world right now is Coach Duggs. Even after a tough loss to Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship, nobody has gotten more press than FSU's OC. 

Coach Duggs isn't the only fella taking the NCAA Football 14 world by storm. Meet Patrick Flowers:

There's a very niche (and I mean VERY niche) trend on Twitter right now of accounts being made for Road To Glory NCAA 14 characters. They've been tweeting me all week with #JoinTheMovement:

It appears Patrick Flowers is a part of the #JoinTheMovement squad. He recently he picked up an offer from NIU. 

These kids are good. "Extremely blessed to have received my 2nd D1 offer" is just how a real-life 17-year-old would tweet about an offer. Everything about their profiles looks exactly like a recruit's. Even down to how they tweet out their "top schools" lists:

"Please respect my decision."

Anyways, back to Patrick Flowers. His offer actually ended up being rescinded by NIU. 

He ended up blocked by the coach as well:

So, yeah, the head coach at NIU got tricked into thinking that an NCAA Football 14 character actually thought he was offered by NIU.

Update from Coach Hammock:

Nice to see the guy has a good sense of humor. Hammock has risen to the top of my MACtion coach rankings.