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Big Thanks To COVID-19 For Exposing These Trash Human Beings

(Full disclosure: prior to this article, I had never heard of either of these people. Something tells me I wasn't missing out on much, though.)

NY POST - “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Heather Dubrow and her “Botched” star husband, Terry, have come under fire for selling small bottles of their own brand of hand sanitizer for $28.95 on TV — apparently without donating proceeds to charity.

But they got castigated on Twitter for their appearance... The Dubrows were left upset over the comments, and Heather exclusively told us that $35,000 had already gone to California’s Second Harvest Food Bank. She added: “We’ve already donated thousands … to people working on the front line of this pandemic."

“And we’re giving a portion of the proceeds of our sanitizer to food banks — there are kids who are not getting anything to eat — and to health-care professionals.”

They say it's in a crisis you find out who people really are. 

Well frankly, I can't think of anything more innately selfish than an incredibly rich individual selling a product people gravely need in the middle of a national emergency... for 10.5 times the cost. (A 6-pack of 8 oz bottles of Purell sells for $21.99.)

Terry, a plastic surgeon, claims the sanitizer has been developed for “persistence,” and that “it’s the same technology we used in the room where we prep patients.” The product is expensive, he claimed, as currently the ingredients are “impossible to find” during the pandemic and “three times the normal cost … We’ve scorched the Earth looking for them.”

Oh excuse me. My bad. They're buying it at 3x the cost, so their markup is only 7.5 times. 


These two are worth a combined $80 MILLION! They don't fucking need the money! What kind of asshole sells a product that could be the difference in someone's life and overcharges them 7.5 times the cost? How can someone with so much take advantage of people's basic needs and use it as an opportunity to make blood money?

I don't give a damn if they're donating "a portion" of the proceeds to food banks bc kids "are not getting anything to eat." No fucking shit kids are starving! You know what would help them? Donating ALL of the proceeds from the product people are paying 7.5x the cost for because that's how desperate they are to NOT contract a virus that's killing people every single day. 

And if donating all the proceeds doesn't seem fruitful for their efforts, maybe just don't gouge people at insanely high rates for the sole purpose of adding a penny to your $80 million net worth. 

No one is saying rich people should forcibly donate more because they're rich - it's their money, they are free to do whatever they choose - but to take this crisis as an opportunity to profit from the desperation of others who are just trying to stay alive, well you can just go fuck yourself.