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Gerrit Cole's Brand New $5.6 Million Greenwich Mansion Looks Like a Decent Place To Be Trapped During Quarantine

Where have you been spending quarantine? Probably in your shoebox apartment or your parents house so you can be with family. Maybe you accidentally turned your apartment into a zoo and are drowning in Amazon packages filled with dildos. 

Well, odds are Gerrit Cole has you beat. It turns out having one of the best pitching seasons in history comes in handy when the whole world shuts down. Just imagine spending your quarantine in Gerrit Cole's $5.6 million mansion in Greenwich? I mean that thing is a goddamn castle and it's located in one of the richest areas in America. Cole can pay that thing off in full after just a few starts. That's king shit right there and you get to spend it with Amy Cole on top of everything. Some guys just have it all. 

What a life. Whenever you need a quick toss in to stay loose Amy already has her glove ready to go. 

I can't wait to see this monster on the mound. It's so cruel I've been denied of it this long already.