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Gritty Can Fuck Off With His Trick Shots

First of all look at that pot placement. It is complete horse shit, since when does a pot stand up completely on its side and Gritty has no friends to put the cup on a forehead. I hit my trick shot with four pots in 79 attempts and as the an of the people I wanted to give more entertainment and add a 5th pot. Yeah that took me over 1k shots but you think fuking gritty who doesn't even have thumbs hit this all in one take. Stop being a coward and show the process grit bag. Im over here with scoliosis trying to make greatness happen and you act like you did this in 5 minutes. I feel like this was a direct shot at me as I just completed the 5 pot challenge at 330 in the morning and Shitty is just out here like he skiddly dooing. 

Make sure to be on the look out for Saturdays #MushMadness (my birthday btw). No chance this barrel gut mascot will be able to top it. We also might be in for a long night again. Im watching you Gritty, this isn't over.