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The Creator Of Hannibal Lecter's Mask And His Stepdaughter Released A Special Quarantine Edition

Ed Cubberly used to design goalie masks for NHL netminders from 1988-2000 and he made some pretty sick ones. He also designed them for minor league and European goalies. But the most famous mask he created wasn't for a guy who ate pucks but rather had his own unique diet.

After SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, Hannibal Lecter's mask became an icon of cinema. So Cubberly, who is a RN, and his stepdaughter released a limited edition Hannibal mask to protect you during this pandemic as well as freak people out. You can scroll through to see the design.

Unfortunately, they appear to be sold out. But they're pretty bad-ass so I wanted to share them here. 

I also wanted to share the goalie mask-based history behind Lecter's onscreen face covering. As for how Cubberly came up with the idea, it was a "no brainer" for him (story was copied-and-pasted as is from his site).


If you recall Silence of the Lambs, Dr Lecter was interviewed by a phsychiatrist while he was jailed. He had a wire cage covering his face that sat right up against his nose as the doctor spoke to him. That was in fact an upside down goalie mask cage purchased in Gerry Cosby's Sporting Goods in Manhatten, NY. The buyers were designers from the prop department at Strong Heart Productions, a subsidiary of Orion Pictures. They told the manager they needed a mask made for a movie they were producing. The manager pulled out a business card and said, "Here, call this guy". That business card belonged to yours truly and the rest as they say "is history". So in the fall of 1989, I got a call from costume designer Coleen Atwood. At the time, I had no idea who Anthony Hopkins was or what I was getting into. She told me they were making a movie and needed a mask made. I said, tell me about the scene. She replied, "Well, he's a psychizophrenic who goes around biting people" I said, "So, you want me to make you a muzzle? ". Coleen asked that I put on my thinking cap and get back to them. Having years of experience making old time fiberglass goalie masks that fit exactly to the face, this was a no brainer. I dug up some photos of full fiberglass masks that I made then drew an outline where I planned on cutting the mask. So in a matter of about 5 minutes, the concept was born and sketches of the Hannibal Lechter mask were in the mail. Basically the Lechter mask is nothing more than the lower half of an old time goalie mask. Then I added bars over the mouth to make it look mean. I suggested to the props department to leave the fiberglass in it's raw color of greenish- brown to make it look like it was made in the jail housing Hannibal "the Cannibal". The producers loved the idea ! I guess I was in the right place at the right time.

Later, in 1991, "The Silence of the Lambs" starring Anthony Hopkins and Jody Foster was released. It went on to win 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture. I was ecstatic to see my first and only Hollywood mask become an iconic piece of movie history. It sent chills down the spine of many viewers.

Ed was no dummy either. 

Ed Cubberly is the sole copyright owner for the Hannibal Lechter [sic] Mask design

As a ball/street/gym hockey goalie from back in the day, I always daydreamed about what kind of design I would want on my pro mask. I always envisioned a history-based, mask-specific Boston skyline featuring the Bunker Hill Monument, U.S.S. Constitution, Paul Revere statue, Dorchester Heights momument, Boston Garden, and Santarpio's. I'd also have some Boston sports icons on there. Orr. Bird. Dewey and Jim Ed. Grogan. (This was 1980s daydreaming.) On the back, I'd have the Bunker Hill flag. Shit, now I want this.