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Can't Explain It, But For Some Reason I Feel Like Blogging About Diletta Leotta Today - The Hottest Person On The Planet

Today is National Horny Day - because every day has to be national something or other. But at heart we are a sports and smut blog. It's time to stick to the basics here. Sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel to put out a blog. Sometimes you just need to stick to what people like - arguments, smut and sports. Well, pals, we have all three here in this blog. 

I'm declaring - on this National Horny Day of April 16, 2020 - Diletta Leotta the hottest person on the planet (argument and smut). Who is Dilettaa Leotta you might ask? Only the biggest soccer reporter in Italy (sports). We've blogged about Leotta before. She shut down an entire section of fans screaming at her to take her shirt off during a match. She says how everything she does goes viral because she has 6 million Instagram followers. She's being recruited to become an even bigger soccer reporter as fans want her to take over some EPL stuff. 

She is - like I've said - also the hottest person on this planet. Before you counterpoint with someone else, my point: 

I will wait for your counterpoint.