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"Jerry Krause Told Phil Jackson That He Could Go 82-0 And He'd Still Get Fired"--Michael Jordan

"Jerry had told Phil Jackson before the season that he could 82-0 and he still wouldn't be back. I married myself to Phil so if he was gone I was going to be gone"--Michael Jordan

Fucking Jerry Krause, man. He had the greatest athlete whoever lived. He had one of the best coaches of all-time. He had maybe the greatest team ever. And he blew it up for...why? Unbelievable. I want to pull a young Hank Lockwood, break into the United Center with a butter knife, get up to the rafters and rip down Jerry Krause's banner. You're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but fuck that guy. It's hard to say "what could've been" about a team that won 6 championships, but had Jordan not played baseball and had Krause not been an insufferable asshole we would've had a minimum 8 championships. All because one fat ego maniac wanted to prove that managers win titles, not players and coaches. That is an ASTOUNDING level of arrogance by a guy who had two of the greatest to ever do it. 

I am learning so much about that team and the doc hasn't even started yet. I can't wait until Sunday. I could listen to Jordan talk for hours and now we are going to get that chance with the Last Dance.