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RIP Howard Finkel, The Voice Of The WWF And Millions Of Childhoods

I know it's already cliche to say Fuck 2020 anymore but fuuuuuuuuuuck 2020. Whenever I throw on an old WWF video to get a dose of simpler times, it's always Howard Finkel's voice announcing that there is a match with a 30 minute time limit scheduled for ONE FALL that truly gets those nostalgic dopamines flowing through the system. 

Vince McMahon really formed legitimate #superteam back in the 80s, from wrestlers like Hulk Hogan to announcers like Gorilla Monsoon to managers like Bobby "The Brain" Heenan to an interviewer like Mean Gene Okerlund to even Howard Finkel as the ring announcer. It's wild. Every single one of those guys played a part in creating the Golden Age of the 80s, including the little bald guy with the golden pipes that could make you feel ecstatic or crushed when he announced a NEWWWWWWW WORLD CHAMPION.

As a diiiiiiehard Hulk Hogan fan, that announcement of The Ultimate Warrior becoming the champion crushed my soul. But it also felt like an official passing of the torch once The Fink announced it. Looking back and considering how much of a role wrestling played in my life as a kid, I think it's fair to say Howard Finkel was pretty much the voice of my childhood. 

What a legend. Rest in peace.