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The Dream That Could Have Been: The Warriors Almost Ruined A Dynasty By Trying To Trade Klay Thompson AND STEPH For Chris Paul In 2011

Talk about what could have been. We could have avoided a Warriors dynasty thanks to this trade! Now, don't let Jack Mac fool you here and think that Klay Thompson is barely a top-50 player in the league. If you don't understand his importance to the Warriors on both the offensive side of the ball and what he has to defensively in their scheme, just don't bother arguing. 

But think about this. The Warriors tried to trade Klay oh and a guy named Steph Curry for Chris Paul ... uhh, excuse me? So this is all from that new book that dropped all about this Warriors dynasty. No one is as plugged in with the Warriors as Ethan Strauss, so this isn't jut some random rumor. I know the what-if game can be played out, but what-if this trade went through? Look at how much is directly changed: 

- The Warriors dynasty

- Does Steph turn into Steph with the Hornets? 

- Do the Pelicans end up drafting Anthony Davis at 1, do they even get the 1 spot (no)? 

- The Lakers don't end up with Anthony Davis present day

- Does Kevin Durant just stick with OKC or does he go somewhere else as a free agent the first time? 

- How many titles does LeBron end up winning? 

- The Clippers never have Lob City

- The Clippers never trade Chris Paul for all the assets and space, likely not ending up with Kawhi and Paul George

- The Rockets - well, just the Rockets

- Am I forgetting anything?

 Just imagine if the Warriors said fuck it, didn't buy into Steph Klay long term and took Chris Paul for the shorter contract. We wouldn't have had a Warriors dynasty. Kevin Durant wouldn't (potentially) be listed as a baby back bitch. The Celtics still wouldn't have won a title. The Knicks would still be getting fucked by ping pong balls. Maybe it's just sitting in quarantine and the fact we're talking about the Warriors here, but I needed this to happen. Here's Klay saving the Warriors in Game 6: 

PS: Yeah, I missed Steph the first time around. No idea how my brain just read Klay's name. It's been a hell of a week, sometimes you fuck up.