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The Most Egregious Booger Eating Of The Entire Pandemic Happened On Zoom And I Begrudgingly Bring You The Footage

I am flabbergasted at this booger eating. Flabbergasted. When I saw her eat the booger the first time, I thought "ok. she can defend this. It's just a misunderstanding. She was biting her nail." Likely story but still. 

The second dig was the straw that broke the booger-eating-camel's back. The third. The third is just unbelievable. 

I'm sitting here typing and I'm just taken aback. I'm astounded. I don't know what to say. Eating boogers is always frowned upon but doing it during a pandemic of this magnitude is not just eating your own boogers at your own peril but your booger eating is a danger to those around you. 

This is simply put the most selfish 3-time booger eater in the history of planet earth. I dont say that lightly but I sure as shit say it. What a moniker that she'll have to wear. My god.