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Colin Cowherd Says The Steelers Should Sign Cam Newton Which Won't Ever Happen

Uncle Colin just has to be bored at this point. 

He made the claim on Wednesday that the Steelers make sense for Cam Newton

In what world does that make sense? 

Cam Newton - a former MVP, "global icon" as Cowherd always says, and a superstar in the league when healthy should sign with an organization that still has a couple years at least left with the cornerstone of their franchise quarterback in Roethlisberger


And it's a two-way street. You think the Steelers want to bring in another quarterback that has an injury history at this point in his career? People in Pittsburgh are already talking about how crazy it is for the Steelers to draft Jalen Hurts let alone sign Cam Newton in free agency. 

I get that there's no sports right now, but this is just grasping for anything that'll get a bored blogger like me to fuckin' write about it. 

I'm all for the Steelers taking a quarterback like Jalen Hurts in the draft, but there's not a chance in hell that two quarterbacks that big with that big of egos could EVER fit into a quarterback room. 

It's just not going to happen. 

"Cam Newton is a fashion icon, a GQ cover guy, someone who wears feathers in his cap to press conferences. Last time I checked, there's not many fashion shows in Pittsburgh estherd"

Just like Uncle Colin would say, and he probably will by next week.