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Casual Reminder That Your Dog, Yes Yours, Is A Wolf In Its Heart. Two Normal Ass Dogs Take Down A Full Grown Deer

This is from Steven Rinella's instagram. He is the guy who does the Netflix show "Meat Eater". I watched the video without reading the caption. I was thinking it was going to be like every other instagram video involving animals. Omg, s'cute. Look at those puppies being best friends with bambi's mom....WRONG. They just took it down and had themselves a feast. Those dogs are adorable. The footage is grainy and it's from far away, but one of them looks like it could be related to my dog, George. Just all cute with spots. His name is probably something like Biscuit or Elvis. I would adopt the shit out of that dog on sight. And Biscuit sees a deer and it's fade on sight. Biscuit and his buddy probably went home and got cuddles, treats, and boops from their owners who didn't even know that their buddy is a savage deer murderer. And that could've been any dog. I don't know if these are feral dogs or if they're just out for a casual stroll. My bet is that they will at some point be adopted and live a nice kibble stuffed domesticated life if they aren't already. Just a reminder of what nature is really like, even for our best friends.