We Had A Legit Laugh Out Loud Funny Moment Last Night As Jeopardy Sports Questions Continue To Dominate Jeopardy Nerds


This is why I love Jeopardy. It is truly the highest level of competition for the smartest trivia nerds on Earth. Yes despite all that, a professional idiot like myself can laugh at them for not knowing one of the most basic and important sports facts if not American facts. On Jackie Robinson Day no less!

Then again, maybe Xiaoke is smoking some of that legal in the USC dorms and putting on her tinfoil hat before going down the conspiracy rabbit hole. #hmmmmm

Anyway, shout out Xiaoke for dusting herself off like George Herman Ruth did countless times while breaking the color barrier and winning the game like Gloria did as well, albeit in a much different fashion.

Blogger's Note: Republishing this for the morning crowd and had to include this story I got from a reader that had me howling. Stoolies are the best