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Lowering The Bar: Dinner With The Lost Boys

Whatever neon goop the Lost Boy's imagination is dreaming up, put it all on my plate. This scene, and the Willy Wonka chocolate river candy room are at the top of my childhood bucket list. 

How would this imaginary sherbet sludge fair on Lowering the Bar? Bringing people on set and simply telling everyone eat something using their imagination would be an excellent cop out for not having to figure out a new episode, and watching people pretend at a bar is what we all used to do before the corona hit. Win win?


If you're the one imagining the food, then why the hell would you make it gross?  While I'm sure some brains would struggle to make an appetizing gruel, I'd be most afraid of the opposite end of the spectrum that have the potential of summon something no one could handle. 

Lost Boy's Imagination Gruel 2.5 /10* on the Lowering The Bar Scale of Disgusting

*unless an Imagination goes rogue *

New episode tomorrow, watch last week's ...