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Vigilantes Tied This POS To A Telephone Pole For Cops To Find!!

Sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands and lay down some hardcore vigilante justice!!

Maybe you see a guy trying to kidnap some kids and you gotta lay on him until the cops come Listen To Interview Here

Sometimes you gotta protect a Walgreens

Perhaps you gotta beat the living shit out of the guy you catch molesting your son

Maybe you and your family need to take down a sexual predator who likes to prey on young girls that camp in the backyard

And sometimes you gotta tie a hit and run suspect to the telephone pole at the crime scene he fled just hours before

That's what happened to 29 year old James Bechtold of Calaveras County, CA when he decided to steamroll 47 year old James Leslie with his car because he lost an argument, because he's stupid. ARTICLE with picture of this dummy's face.

"Three hours later, the sheriff’s office got a report that the suspect had been dropped off at the same intersection. Deputies found Bechtold “battered with his hands tied behind his back and tethered to a telephone pole.” 

"He was arrested on charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious injury, and felony hit and run. Bechtold is currently being held on $2,195,000 bail at the Calaveras County Jail."

Sorry, I want the video of that bastard squirming on the pole just as bad as you do, but this is pretty solid too.

Have a great fucking day!