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Patrick Mahomes Was A Sniper In High School, Too

In an era where seemingly everyone has their kids specializing in one sport from an early age, Patrick Mahomes was one of history's last great Renaissance men. He played football, baseball and basketball in high school before obviously going on to become an NFL MVP and even save the entire city of San Francisco.

We all know what he can do on a football field, but would you take a look at that stroke? The guy could do it all. His basketball stats were solid, but nothing compared to what he did on the gridiron against those poor high school defenses. Just imagine being a 36-year-old high school history teacher and defensive coordinator, having to grade papers and then do game prep to face Patrick Mahomes.

It must have really sucked to be a kid on that basketball team, knowing Mahomes was going to be a ridiculously sought-after football star and still having to give him the ball on the court. Save some for everybody else, pal.

And we all know that everything turned out just fine for Pat. But now we need to see him in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game — he'll just have to not advance too far in the playoffs at some point.