Coach Duggs ACC Championship Game LIVEBLOG!

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 #3 Georgia Tech vs #2 Florida State   Ticket to the National Title Game on the line. #DuggsNation mount up

Ready to run through a brick wall!!

A lot of talk about the National Championship on Friday Night. How about we beat Georgia Tech first guys? Tune in to the Pardon My Take Twitch at 10pm. 

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HALFTIME: 21-7 Georgia Tech

4:05, 3Q: 28-7 Georgia Tech 

3:27, 3Q: 8-yard TD run, Cam Banks for FSU (28-14 GT)

2:14, 3Q: A first down conversion for FSU is negated by an offensive clipping penalty. Winston throws a INT on the next play.

1:10, 3Q: 35-14 GT (simulated TD)

6:10, 4Q: 35-21 GT (Cam Banks 1-yard run)

5:11, 4Q: 42-21 GT. Winston throws his fourth interception of the game, GT scores a TD via simulation.

3:18, 4Q: Winston throws his fifth interception on the very next offensive play for FSU. Still 42-21 GT.

1:46, 4Q: Winston heaves one downfield for INT No. 6 of the game. Still 42-21 GT. 

FINAL: (3) Georgia Tech 42, (2) Florida State 21

The Seminoles' perfect season comes to an end after a tough performance by QB Jameis Winston. 

Next: Bowl week. With (1) Alabama losing as well tonight, there is still an outside chance FSU makes the National Championship Game.