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Kansas Hoops Players Found Out They Weren't Playing In The NCAA Tournament Thanks To Adam Schefter Tweeting #FakeNews

[Source] - The first curveball of the day when KU players became aware of a tweet from ESPN's Adam Schefter that said Kansas had "withdrawn from the NCAA tournament." That, Self said, was a mistaken interpretation by the football reporter in response to KU athletic director Jeff Long announcing the Jayhawks would be suspending travel indefinitely. 

“Adam recanted it, but the hay was out of the barn, so our players are on the bus saying, ‘We pulled out?’” Self said. “So I talked to them. I said, ‘No, this is what happened. We’re good. We’re good.’ And my sources — maybe not people in the room — but my sources had told me, ‘Bill, they’re going to do everything they can to have the tournament. Looks like they’ll have it even if it’s a reduced field, even if it’s at one site.' So I’m going, ‘Damn, but OK. At least they’re going to have it.'"

Christ, talk about the worst way to find out you're not playing in the NCAA Tournament. Granted, there was no NCAA Tournament (shivers as I type that again), remember this is Self remembering the day it's all going down. Kansas thought they were playing as the favorite for the title. Then they thought there was going to be a tournament without them because Schefter tweeted this: 

He eventually recanted that, since Kansas never withdrew from the NCAA Tournament. Just imagine being Udoka Azubuike though. You've been one of the most injury-prone players during your 4 years in college. Then you finally are healthy, turned yourself into an All-American candidate and then you find out there's going to be a tournament without you? Because of Schefty! 

Don't mind me talking about the NCAA Tournament. I was told it's good to talk about things that have devastated you during this quarantine. Seeing Bill Self say things like 'reduced field' and 'all at one site' just reiterates the stories that came out about what the NCAA tried to do in order to save the NCAA Tournament. I would have done anything for it, man. Don't get me wrong I 100% understand why they canceled it and how serious this all is. But 2 weeks later and we have the NCAA Tournament. 

This just goes to show you how tough it is to be in #ScoopCity. Schefty, a known resident of #ScoopCity, out here fucked up a bus ride and hours for Kansas hoops.