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BREAKING: Video Evidence Of WhiteSoxDave Putting His Gum From Gum Gate Under The Table

Social media people at Barstool HQ re-posted the infamous WSD vs a piece of Gum on live tv video again and it became the focal point of Barstool Chicago Radio again. We had Josh Frydman, the host of the show, to give us what he remembered about that day. The biggest take-away was that WSD took that gum and stuck it under the desk. An absolutely ABSURD move at any time, but WSD supposedly did it as a guest live on air during his first TV appearance. Knowing how terrible of a look that would WSD vehemently denied these accusations

I actually believed WSD. He is a lot of things, but I didn't peg him as a guy who would be so disgusting, careless, and rude to put his chewed gum under a desk on a TV set. Well...I was wrong. 

I watched this like the zapruder film. Under, and to the desk. Under, and to the desk. Abhorent behavior by a guy I would call a friend. A guy who I have invited into my house on many occasions. Now I have to check behind the couch, under my kitchen table, and on the sink. Great guy, completely unpredictable. WSD