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Gronk Taking A Nap On The Floor Before An Interview With The Patriots Is One Of My Favorite Stories Ever

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I've heard this story before, I've probably even blogged this story before, but every time it pops up I've gotta give it shine. It's one of the most laugh out loud stories I've ever heard.

I mean the man was interviewing for a job with the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS and he LAID DOWN TO TAKE A NAP ON THE FLOOR. He didn't doze off, he wasn't resting his eyes, he made the conscious decision that it was nap time, folded up his suit jacket real nice, then got out of his chair, got horizontal on the floor, and closed his eyes to hit a deep slumber. He knew full-well that he was going to sleep until a member of the most prestigious organization in the NFL woke him up. For his interview. For a job. Robert Kraft could've walked by or Bill Belichick or Tom Brady but it didn't matter, Gronk was tired.

The Patriots are like Apple, or Google, they're the cream of the crop. They take their shit seriously. You need to check all the boxes for them to even consider you and Gronk, undoubtedly hungover, decided fuck it, I need a nap right before an interview.

I would KILL for that kind of confidence or talent and that must eat away at other people in the league who really, really have to try to impress and put on airs get a look. But Gronk knew that he was Gronk. He knew how good he was and he knew it would be a mistake to not draft him simply because he was undoubtedly a bit hungover and needed a nappy.