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Yeah But Can LeBron Do This?

No he can't because he sucks compared to MJ. The idea of LeBron lacing them up for the Dodgers is straight up so laugh out loud funny that you text your buddy "I actually just laughed out loud like literally OUT LOUD" it's that kind of funny. There's approximately zero point zero point zero chance LeBron could EVER pull this off no matter how much time and effort and practice he puts in. And the reason he couldn't accomplish it and MJ could is because MJ is the best of all time. Argue whatever new statistic that was recently invented to support LeBron's legacy. Argue whatever you want. Fact is he doesn't have the bat speed or competitive muscle to punish a mistake-two-seam fastball that runs over the heart of the plate in a crosstown rivalry game and for that reason he will always be a Tier-2 NBA player for me. Sue me for valuing the little things in life.