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I'm Officially Removing 'Love Wedding Repeat' From The Tom Cruise Cinematic Universe

Love Wedding Repeat - 32/100

When I first saw the title for this movie, it  excited me because of it's similarity to one of my favorite Tom Cruise movies 'The Edge of Tomorrow' AKA 'Live Die Repeat'. My hopes were almost instantaneously dashed 30 seconds into this trailer, which was schocky, rom com mess. The actual movie can be entirely surmised from what you see in the trailer, leaving basically nothing to the imagination. 

Olivia Munn and Sam Claflin play the two star-crossed lovers who are reunited but kept apart during the big wedding. Neither of them really offer much, but they also aren't given anything to work with. The script is essentially shid out by a Rom Com algorithm that determined netflix audiences would find british people in an Italian setting too charming to dislike, regardless of the actual storyline. The big twist is also one of the most maddening things I've ever seen. SPOILER ALERT. 

Like I said, the movie revolves around Munn and Claflin trying to reconnect at this wedding. However, a bunch of kids messed with the seating arrangement so they weren't sitting near each other. About 75% through the movie, the bride accidentally kills the groom which leads to a freeze frame with a fake Dame Judi Dench narrator saying "Wewl, wah if ih wahs diffren, innit?". Then it flashes back to the seating arrangement switch and shows little changed moments from throughout the story for the remainder of the third act. 

It's lazy, and doesn't really scucced as either a romance or a comedy movie. You're better off watching one of the classics in the Netflix library instead of wasting time on this.