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Just Imagine How Beautiful That First Bar Down Snipe In The NHL Without Any Fans In The Crowd Is Going To Sound

Playoff hockey this summer without fans in the crowd would obviously be pretty loose butthole. Playoff hockey without fans would still be better than any other sport without fans, but there just wouldn't be the same juice to the game without the crowd noise. The boys would be buzzin, sure, but the barn won't be rockin'. 

But with that being the case, we have the opportunity to experience something that we may never get again in our lives. We might get to experience the greatest sound the human ear has ever heard to its fullest potential. Because without a crowd in the arena, just think about how delicious those bar down snipes are going to sound. We'll get to experience the purest pings of all time. Just imagine Auston Matthews at the top of the left circle, curl and snipe and then having that sound radiate across the entire area without any crowd noise to drown it out. The sound would be so pure that it would make you shit your pants. 

And that goes for all the sounds of hockey as well. The skates carving up the ice. Snapping off some tape-to-tape passes. The boards rumbling around after a massive hit in the corner. And I'm sure the mics would be able to pick up more of the chirps without the crowd noise as well. It would be like ASMR only better because you don't have some rando from YouTube just whispering into a microphone.