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Watch This Phenomenal Clip Of Me Driving In War Zone & Tell Me I Shouldn't Be Allowed To Drive Whenever I Want

I mean it's impossible to watch this clip and not think that Automobile Balls should have the authority to drive around on the hunt for bogies WHENEVER he pleases. There's simply nowhere else that you're gonna get that kind of driving in the city of Verdansk. That man took it indoors for Christ's sake!

Either way...after these absolutely despicable comm's from the General I think I may need to start defying his rule. 

Not even gonna ask him if I can drive or not. Just getting in the driver's seat & throwing my foot directly on the gas. LOOK OUT VERDANSK!!!!! 

We're hopping on for the day right now. Come join us as it should be a few hours of screaming with the small potential for a W.