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Tom Brady Has Challenged Roger Goodell To Be A Good Person

My god does that Tompa sun agree with Brady, he looks breathtaking here. Those eyes are POPPING and the contrast of the tan skin and gray hairs sprouting is nothing short of stunning.

Anyway, pretty difficult challenge here for ol Roger. "Hey commish, why don't you try not being a piece of shit for once in your godforsaken life?" Tom didn't use so many words, but the sentiment was the same. "I want us all to make a positive impact in this world and do our part and for you, Roger, that means quitting your job and expunging my completely bullshit suspension and then maybe killing yourself, just for good measure. The world's a better place without you in it, that's what I'm saying. What I mean is you're a bad person. You. Roger Goodell. You're a bad person. I challenge you to be a good one. But you're a bad person. A bad one." Again, not his words, but I'm reading between the lines. 

This is also evidence why Brady is a marketing genius. If he challenges like Gisele, Drake, and Gronk then this isn't nearly as popular a video. Just a bunch of rich buddies doing rich buddy things. But to challenge the commissioner of the league who suspended him and dare him to be a good person? Well, that raises eyebrows. That gets clicks. Tom Brady, content god.

PS - I don't add "Bucs" to SEO tags when I do Tom Brady blogs. It's a meaningless protest, but it means something to me. 

PPS - People were mad that the bidding for Brady's prize (trip to Tompa, game day experience for Brady's first game, jersey and cleats, dinner with Tom Brady after) started at 50k dollars because no one could afford it. Yeah! They're right! Tom what are you doing raising money for charity! This once in a lifetime experience should've been ten dollars so we raised zero dollars for charity and everyone could do it! Also even if you start the auction to HAVE DINNER WITH TOM BRADY with no minimum bid then it's pretty quickly gonna get to way above 50k. You weren't gonna be able to afford it anyway.