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Historic Day For Balloons

Most people with a basic interest in history could tell you what monumental event happened on April 15. 

Not Lincoln dying from his gunshot wound (1865), or the unsinkable Titanic finding its resting spot to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean (1912). 

Im talking about April 15, 1784's MASSIVE history fact.

Balloons had been used in China hundred's of years before one was ever flown in Ireland, but that didn't matter to the Irish. They deemed today so monumental they wrote about Irishman Richard Crosbie's unmanned balloon taking off into the sky. I guess I don't blame the people for writing about it, balloons have provided hours of entertainment for myself and the masses ...

  • Balloon animals / Balloons from a restaurant as you leave
  • Hot Air Balloons growing up in the midwest, you couldn't help but go stand out in your driveway and take a peek.
  • The IT movies

Honorable mentions

  • Blow Up Dolls - Technically a balloon. Have never tried one BUT, when I inevitably have sex with a doll's inviting sharp plastic hole. I'll update the rankings.
  • Can't Touch Floor  (The floor is lava, if you or the balloon touch … everyone burns up and dies)
  • Drugs -  the balloon, a drug mules best friend.
  • Up!

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